The ST5 is the replacement for the ST4, aimed at both open and closed cockpit cars.

8860 Helmets

The FIA 8860 Helmet homologation standard is meant to standardize helmet specifications for professional racing series. Most racers will not need helmets that conform to these extremely stringent regulations. Please check your rules to see if you need an 8860 helmet.


The WRC DES helmets are distinguished by their integrated microphone boom and superior Electronics integration. They are widely used in the World Rally Championship and offer unparalleled safety in an open face helmet.

Trophy DES

The Trophy DES Range of helmets are high quality, light weight, open face helmets that all meet the latest Snell standard. Offered with different levels of electronics integration, they provide the perfect helmet for Autocross participants, or Rally drivers looking for excellent in-car communication and visibility.

ST4 Formula

The ST4 Formula is aimed at both open and closed cockpit cars. These helmets were the first helmet used in Formula one with earmuffs and a drinking system integrated.

ST4 Wide

The ST4 Wide is designed to satisfy those closed cockpit drivers who yearn for a larger eyeport than the Formula version.