Replacement Visors

Replacement Visors for Stilo Helmets. All Stilo Visors are Anti-Fog, and they are very competitively priced.

Replacement Parts

Replacement padding, hardware and earmuffs for your Stilo Helmet. These parts can also be used to slightly alter the fit of your helmet.

HANS Device

The industry standard for head and neck restraints, the HANS device has helped save countless drivers from injury. If you are driving on the track and do not have one, pick it up now.

Eject Helmet Removal System

The only removal device of its kind that provides medical caregivers at the track, or on the road, the ability to remove closed-face helmets quickly and safety without applying potentially damaging pressure or traction to the spine.


In an open wheel car, helmet aerodynamics are an integral part of driver comfort and safety. Stilo's aerodynamics pieces have been developed in close contact with professional open wheel racers, and satisfy the needs of real world situations.

Hydration System

The Stilo Hydration system is one of the great advantages to the helmets. Learn more here.

Air Supply System

Another huge advantage to Stilo helmets is the ability to have a fresh air supply system integrated into the helmet.


Keep your equipment in tip top shape using these high quality bags.

Care And Maintenance

High quality cleaning products from Molecule Labs